Forti Holding is a company that owns and develops real estate areas with high growth potential. Thanks to strong know how, developed over almost 90 years of activity, Forti Holding is able to cover all the phases of a project from tha plan to the actual building of constructions, ranging from high-quality directional, to commercial and residential properties.

At present its most important development is Montacchiello: a vast industrial park just outside Pisa, characterized by the excellence of its installations and sustainable development, thanks to the care paid to the architectural and engineering quality of the buildings and the presence of green areas and public parkings.

Forti Holding is the head of a group of companies with activities ranging from construction (private and public) to ecology, with over twenty years of experience in transport and disposal of industrial waste and reclamation, as well as environmental consulting. Forti Holding is also a shareholder in the local TV network Canale 50.

What we offer

Some districts are created thanks to an invisible law of attraction. The challenge of Forti Holding in the near future is to ensure that this attraction continues, through ongoing research into services and facilities to offer Companies that want to move their activity to Montacchiello Industrial Park.Our ambitious goal is to create an environment that can offer the highest quality work environment.

Montacchiello is becoming an area of excellence for activities with high-level specialization. The challenge is to continue attracting new Companies and create a synergy between the existing ones, focus on new facilities and show that Montacchiello is a model of the highest quality professional environment.

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