Technological, managerial, commercial and manufacturing companies.

Montacchiello Today: an Italian "Silicon Valley"

Today the area is home to about 50 companies employing over 1,000 people with daily presences that reach the 1,500 mark. Companies operating in logistics, information, automotive, electronics, construction, industrial cleaning, wholesale and the segment that is the real source of pride for the entire area: the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector companies at the highest level of specialization aimed at the domestic and international markets.

Companies working in the area operate in the fields of:

  • Design and development of high-tech electronic equipment for markets in Space, Defense, Transportation;
  • In the market of architectural constructions, offering consulting services, systems integration and development of entire Business Process Engineering and services that depend on them;
  • Development, at the national level, of, Business Process Outsourcing systems (BPO);
  • Companies operating in the telecommunications sector through integrated offers for voice and data services capable of reaching anywhere in Italy.

This type of development has been possible thanks to a series of advanced services and infrastructures including a major fiber optic backbone which is a distinctive element in an area at present under development.