For customers requiring complex architecture or buildings with specific features, Forti Holding is able to offer complete set-up and furnished solutions thanks to our highly experienced technical resources. The wide choice of plots in the areas called Montacchiello 2 and Montacchiello 3 can accommodate industrial, manufacturing or craft activities in buildings ranging in size from small to large.

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Our team of engineers and architects are able to meet the requirements of all sorts of customers, from organizing spaces to satisfying stylistic preferences and can create projects that are unique and exclusive.

Among the major customized projects completed in the last few years are:

  • The University of Pisa Archives (4,550 sq.m);
  • New Headquarters for 50 Canale - Tuscan TV network (1,172 sq.m);
  • New Headquarters for Intecs – the Communication and Information Technologies Company (1,500 sq.m);
  • New Headquarters for Welcome Italia - Communication and Information Technologies Company (3,000 sq.m).