In recent years "La Vela" Business Centre has become the true symbol of Montacchiello. Its glass facade, visible from the main roads, conceals offices designed specially to provide working conditions distinguished for their utmost comfort. All rooms are equipped with high tech facilities. Some, like air conditioning, are essential but others are highly innovative - like fiber-optic cabling throughout the building.

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The architectural flexibility of all the floors enable us to customize all the offices with tailor-made solutions right from the earliest stages. Our customers can choose offices ranging from 90 square metres up to large open spaces of over four hundred square metres.

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The whole building, from its large, spectacular staircase to the outside areas and all the interiors, are built using the finest technologies and materials combining high architectural value and ease of use and maintenance.

Several major Communication and Information Technology companies have already opened headquarters or branches in Montacchiello Industrial Park, most of which are housed in "La Vela" Business Centre because of the attractiveness of the building and its technological equipment. Thanks to strong know how developed over almost 90 years of activity, we can offer the desired technical solutions and the organization of architectural spaces for each individual office.

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Conference Room

"La Vela" Business Centre has been recently provided with a fully equipped Conference Room to host conferences, exhibitions and events in a setting of high visual impact with large windows offering a breath-taking view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

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The conference room is divided into two ample open-spaces of 200 square metres each and can be booked by companies that need to organize events such as presentations, conferences, business lunches and dinners. The Conference Hall is on the 2nd floor of the building and also has a large 200 square metre terrace with views over the surrounding countryside and is provided with all safety requirements.