The 1st Green Building in Pisa

The "Umberto Forti" Business Centre is one of the most ambitious projects in recent years and will become, along with "La Vela" Business Centre, a true symbol for the entire industrial park and a skyline focal point. The curved lines of this building and the contrast between full and empty spaces on the façade, created by windows of various sizes, gives it a dynamic modern look, with both elegance and a classic simplicity, in harmony with the other buildings on the industrial park.

  • Hall-01
  • Hall-02
  • P3-Pianta
  • P6-Pianta
  • PT-Pianta
  • Ufficio-interno01
  • Ufficio-interno02
  • Vista-Prospetto-N-notte
  • Vista-da-SE
  • Vista-generale
  • Vista-volo-di-uccello

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The style of the "Umberto Forti" Business Centre is strongly influenced by the importance of environmental sustainability and reduction of energy consumption: large windows that let in plenty of light, solar panels, shades on the glass facades and the use of free cooling. All these strategies highlight the importance that the designers have placed on the study of natural light and the development of tailor-made architectural solutions which make this building’s outer shell its own first technological system. The large windows offer interesting views over the park’s green areas and facilities and the surrounding Tuscan landscape. Furthermore, sealing the close ties between the building and the environment, is the inclusion in the project of a real tree in the foyer. This will be the distinctive and characteristic element of the environmental sustainability of the project.

The new business centre will have shops on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors for executive Activities. As for "La Vela", the architectural flexibility of the floor plans allows all the offices to be customized with tailor-made solutions for various requirements and professions, while not losing sight of environmental quality requirements and the wellbeing of the people who work there.